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Eco-épandage certification

Obtaining certification and the right to use the "Eco-spreading" logo demonstrates the voluntary commitment of spreader machine manufacturers to promote on the market the machines best able to meet the agro-ecology challenge. The "Eco-spreading" logo is a guarantee that users have equipment with certified performance levels enabling the environmental impact of the waste spreading to be controlled.



An Axema Promotion & Services label to identify certified spreaders

A controlled voluntary programme

The "Eco-spreading" logo is the label which identifies spreaders meeting the requirements of the certification framework for the performance of equipment spreading liquid or solid organic products. Use of this framework makes it possible to establish that the performance levels announced by the manufacturer have been achieved and at the same time enables the operator to control the environmental impact of the spreading due to the machine's characteristics.

Obtaining certification and the right to affix the "Eco-spreading" logo is the result of a voluntary procedure by the manufacturer who wants in this way to promote on the market the machines best able to meet the agro-ecology challenge.

The certification programme has been developed by all the parties concerned, in particular manufacturers, users and specialist test laboratory.

It is constructed around stricter technical framework than the existing environmental standards and supplemented by requirements concerning respect for soils, training and instructions for use.

They also make it possible for "tailor-made" machines to be certified based upon sub-assemblies or similar machines already certified, according to strict rules.

The whole is placed under the control of an independent certifying body, which performs the company audits and checks that the test results and other technical requirements comply with the requirements of the framework.

The right to use the "Eco-spreading" logo :

Axema Promotion & Services is the owner of the "Eco-spreading logo" label. APS is the commercial subsidiary of Axema, the French professional association grouping most of the Agricultural Equipment industry. NB: Neither the use of the label nor access to certification require membership of Axema.

CERTIPAQ is the certifying body approved by COFRAC ("Comité Français d'Accréditation": the French Accreditation Committee) charged with carrying out the independent check of compliance with and implementation of the framework by the manufacturer and laboratory.

IRSTEA is the specialist laboratory in charge of the tests, simulations and other technical inspections.

For more information, please visit www.eco-epandage.com