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Retrouvez les industriels du secteur de l'Agroéquipement et leurs produits.

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le secteur de l'agroequipement


Le secteur regroupe des entreprises qui produisent et commercialisent des équipements et des matériels, fixes et roulants, destinés à divers utilisateurs.

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Becoming a member of Axema is to join an active network of 240 Agricultural Equipment businesses. It also demonstrates your full and complete adoption of the objectives of a trade association and its commitment to the Agricultural Equipment sector. As an Axema member, you regularly receive economic and strategic information, technical and international watch reports. You have access to information through a members-only web space. You participate more actively in the working groups, reflections and debates that shape the profession. You are in contact with experts who provide answers to your questions. Lastly, the professional events provide occasions for conviviality and sharing.


There are three types of Axema members: active members, associate members and honorary members.

- The active members are French companies, manufacturers, that have at least one primary or meaningful sales and maintenance organisation in France and a distribution network in a field of activity covered by Axema's purpose, or that are suppliers of other active members;

- The associate members are French companies whose activity is related to the agricultural equipment sector;

- The honorary members are persons that Axema's Board of Directors wishes to honour, on the recommendation of the Chairman.

Contact: Muriel Casé, head of the Members&Communications Unit, m.case@axema.fr