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le secteur de l'agroequipement


Le secteur regroupe des entreprises qui produisent et commercialisent des équipements et des matériels, fixes et roulants, destinés à divers utilisateurs.

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Axema's missions and competences

Axema's mission is to represent, promote and be the advocate for the Agricultural Equipment industry to its private partners and public institutions in France, in Europe and worldwide. Axema encourages professional information and the organisation of cross-sector discussions among the various trades.



1. Focussing on the challenges faced by the sector

Responding to the sector's needs :

Axema's primary missions are :
- Representing and promoting the profession to French and European institutions, partners and to the public;
- The development of skills by expanding training means;
- Developing technology monitoring, and technical, legal, commercial and social advice;
- Taking part in drawing up and monitoring French and international standards;
- Contributing to the development and adaptation of regulations;
- Helping businesses to expand internationally by informing, supporting and promoting the profession in foreign markets;
- Carrying out economic forecast studies;
- Encouraging professional information and organising cross-sector technical and economic discussions between the trades.

2. Skills to meet the needs of businesses

2.1 Technical know-how :

Axema provides assistance to companies' engineering offices and marketing teams, in the areas of the design, market introduction and liability of products. This is organised into two main areas:
-Technical monitoring and technical support;
-Defending and promoting the products and techniques of its members with regard to standards and regulations.
In addition to programmed activities, the technical unit listens to questions and unforeseen needs, whether collective or individual. It endeavours to respond to these either directly or through its competent partners. 

2.1 Economic know-how :

The economic unit provides members with national, European and worldwide economic information and statistical data about the agricultural equipment sector. For the French market, the data includes professional statistics, statistics about French production, results of surveys carried out by INSEE [the French National Statistics and Economic Studies Office], statistics about agricultural vehicle registrations from the DIVA portal developed by APS, statistics about French exports and imports for all products in the sector and by country, and outlook data about agriculture.
For the European market, Axema publishes the monthly European barometer produced by CEMA, and quarterly registration statistics by country,
For the worldwide market, Axema takes part in drawing up a worldwide barometer produced twice a year, and in publishing quarterly statistics of tractor registrations for the main markets worldwide.

2.3 International know-how :

Axema's goal is to help French companies expand internationally.   For this, it provides various services for its members.
Axema produces a two-monthly international monitoring report and publishes a calendar of international trade shows held in France and abroad.
Axema identifies international requests for proposals and business opportunities, and in its website's member area it publishes tender notices issued by international bodies and financial backers.
Axema also acts as a relay for business opportunities between importers and manufacturers.
Axema provides its members with a document base covering every country in the world, and an advice service for all questions relating to international business, regulatory, logistical or customs issues.
Lastly, it puts businesses in contact with export support organisations and experts for questions relating to imports.

2.4 Job training know-how :

Through the Employment/Training unit and the training commission, Axema is involved in making young people aware of the employment opportunities and training courses in the Agricultural Equipment sector. The association takes part in targeted committees. It forges strategic partnerships and helps to finance programmes to develop career opportunities in the Agricultural Equipment sector.

2.5 Communications know-how :

For its members, Axema develops information systems for monitoring the regulatory, technical, economic and international situation in the agricultural equipment sector:
The website www.axema.fr, the monthly Newsletter, technical reports, international monitoring reports and economic report, the agricultural equipment industry's journal AXEMAG, the annual economic report and activity report.
Axema promotes contacts with the press and public authorities. The association organises a yearly press conference, which presents the results for the sector and its prospects. Axema also helps businesses in their search for information, whether in regard of regulatory texts, proposed laws, or contact details for companies, professional organisations or embassies.
Lastly, it mobilises the profession by organising the "Biennale Axema". Focussing on a topical issue, this event brings all of its members and partners together every two years.