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Le secteur regroupe des entreprises qui produisent et commercialisent des équipements et des matériels, fixes et roulants, destinés à divers utilisateurs.

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Training and recruitment are among the major challenges for the Agricultural Equipment sector. Axema has set up a training/employment unit to meet the needs of the industry, and in particular courses for holders of a BTS (technical diploma) or Bachelor's degree. The Axema CQP ("Certificats de qualification Professionnelle": professional qualification certificates) courses are courses certified by the Metallurgy and Import/Export professional branches. They guarantee interns employment on a permanent contract within 3 months of taking the course.


1. Training, a priority issue for Axema

1.1 Taking part in the development of programmes

Aware of how quickly technology and trades change, Axema created a Training Commission in January 2014. Composed of representatives from the Agricultural Equipment industry and supported by the Axema Promotion & Services subsidiary, its purpose is to take an active role in the evolution of training programmes. It has forged strong partnerships with schools to update the programmes and bring them into line with the skills sought by the industry.

1.2 A CQP player for the Agricultural Equipment industry

Axema Promotion & Services is involved in managing three CQPs ("Certificats de qualification Professionnelle": professional qualification certificates).

The CQPs are accessible to holders of at least a BTS (technical diploma), and provide 600 hours of training. They emphasise professionalisation, with two-thirds of the time spent in-company. 140 hours of these CQPs are devoted to learning English to prepare the interns for a position of responsibility in a context of the sector's internationalisation. Developing knowledge of the agricultural equipment sector, together with sales, management and communications skills, means that interns can adapt quickly to the requirements of the business world.

2. Axema CQPs: recognised and sought by professionals

One of the advantages of the CQPs is the involvement and sharing of experiences by the many professionals who are directly involved in the training course and in the field.

The course adapts an active teaching method that encourages experimentation, field studies, group working and autonomy. It gives students an effective preparation for their future working life.

The courses are held in a number of schools: Vesoul Agricultural College (70), St Clair de Derval Private Agricultural College (44), Le Neubourg Agricultural College (67), Lycée René CASSIN, Mâcon (71), Le Chesnoy de Montargis Agricultural College (45), Loudéac MFR (22). The course is paid for by the employer as part of a work/study programme, and all students find a job following their Axema CQP course.

For more information, please contact Guillaume Troudet – g.troudet@axema.fr