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Retrouvez les industriels du secteur de l'Agroéquipement et leurs produits.

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le secteur de l'agroequipement


Le secteur regroupe des entreprises qui produisent et commercialisent des équipements et des matériels, fixes et roulants, destinés à divers utilisateurs.

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The services of Axema and Axema Promotion & Services

Axema provides its members with the tools necessary for them to be competitive. These strategic resources consist of a monitoring activity in the technological and regulatory areas. In addition, Axema distributes economic studies focussing on the agricultural equipment sector to its members, and acts specifically to provide Export assistance. Through its subsidiary Axema Promotion & Services, the association offers services and works to develop SIMA and SITEVI trade shows in France and abroad.


1. A range of services developed by APS

Since it was created in 2013, Axema Promotion & Services has helped to develop new services and create decision support tools such as DIVA. APS provides support for the agricultural equipment sector's promotional activities. This promotion is reflected by Axema's presence at SIMA, SITEVI, SIMA ASEAN, SIMA SIPSA, SITIVINITECH, SIA, etc. Axema Promotion & Services supports the development of training courses in the sector and of new labels such as Eco-spreading.

2. Activities promoting the SIMA and SITEVI trade shows in France and internationally

The SIMA and SITEVI trade shows are run jointly by the Agricultural Equipment industry, through Axema Promotion & Services, and the Comexposium Group via their joint company Exposima. Axema plays an active role in the strategic reflection and provides its support and expertise in order to better respond to the changing requirements of exhibitors and visitors, in particular by taking part in the international development of the shows. This, following on from the launch of Sitivinitech CHINA, two new shows have been created: SIMA ASEAN in Thailand and SIMA SIPSA in Algeria.