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Le secteur regroupe des entreprises qui produisent et commercialisent des équipements et des matériels, fixes et roulants, destinés à divers utilisateurs.

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Axema and institutions

Axema's mission is to represent, promote and be the advocate for the Agricultural Equipment industry with its private partners and public institutions in France, Europe and internationally. To this end, Axema encourages professional information and the organisation of cross-sector discussions among the various trades.


1. Representing Axema with administrative bodies and professional organisations

1.1 A single voice for the sector

As the single spokesperson for the Agricultural Equipment industry Axema represents, promotes, and is the advocate for the sector with its private partners and public institutions in France, Europe and internationally. The mission of representation is organised around several areas: lobbying actions for members, developing career opportunities in the Agricultural Equipment sector, promoting the French industry internationally, communications and the image of the Agricultural Equipment sector.

1.2 Relations with the partners and institutions

Axema maintains relations with MEDEF through the FIM ("Fédération des Industries de la Mécanique": the French Federation of Mechanical Engineering Industries), of which Axema is a member. Its activities are aimed at advocating to public authorities shared positions on the issues that involve the entire mechanical engineering sector, and more broadly the businesses. To present its views in the agricultural and parks and gardens areas, Axema maintains relations with SEDIMA, FNSEA, FNEDT, FNAR and FNCUMA. AXEMA is also represented on administrative bodies such as CNIS ("Conseil National de l'Information Statistique": the French National Council for Statistical Information) and works with ministries (Agriculture, Interior, Industry, Transport and Foreign Trade). The association is active on numerous steering committees and contributes its expertise to IRSTEA, ABSO Conseil, Inspectorate of Finances, UNM, CETIM, France Agrimer, etc.

2. Defending the interests of the French industry in Europe and worldwide

With regard to Europe, Axema works with the European Parliament and European Commission under the CEMA (European Committee of Associations of Manufacturers of Agricultural Machinery) banner for the agricultural sector and the EGMF (European Garden Machinery industry Federation) banner for the parks and gardens sector. Axema is a founding member of CEMA and a member of both organisations' Board. Internationally, the industry is mainly represented through the AgriEvolution Alliance, of which Axema is a member. This alliance includes the leading worldwide agricultural equipment industry associations and had defined three objectives: to work to harmonise the sector's standards and regulations, to exchange economic market information, and to become the common voice of the sector with worldwide organisations for free trade.