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Retrouvez les industriels du secteur de l'Agroéquipement et leurs produits.

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Le secteur regroupe des entreprises qui produisent et commercialisent des équipements et des matériels, fixes et roulants, destinés à divers utilisateurs.

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Axema and manufacturers

Axema is the sole trade association of the Agricultural Equipment industry. It rallies all the players in the sector around shared objectives. It undertakes a coordinating role, encouraging synergy and facilitating discussions across the sector's industries. Every two years the industry and its partners meet together at the "Biennale Axema". This has become a must-attend event for the association and its members. It demonstrates the cohesion that unites the players.



1. Aggregating professional expertise

 1.1 Improving sources of profit and profitability

Having good information at the right time is one of Axema's commitments to its members. Facilitating access to accurate information is a critical factor in helping the decision-making process; this is a key issue for the company and directly affects its objectives.  Developing our expertise and improving the service to businesses is one way to contribute to increasing their competitiveness and to help them ask the right questions.

1.2 Assistance introducing equipment on the market

In a highly-competitive and increasingly global environment, bringing equipment to market is a critical issue. Axema assists businesses in their procedures with administrations. It works to defend the shared interests of the French Agricultural Equipment industry beyond national borders. In Europe, Axema works with the European Parliament and European Commission to standardise technical regulations in Europe under the CEMA (European Committee of Associations of Manufacturers of Agricultural Machinery) banner for the agricultural sector and the EGMF (European Garden Machinery industry Federation) banner for the parks and gardens sector.

2. Meeting the specific needs of its members

2.1 Technical support, technical monitoring, developing standards and regulations

Axema provides technical support to its members by collecting, sorting and summarising technical and regulatory information. Axema organises seminars and surveys, and regularly distributes information through technical reports, e-mails and its website. With regard to technical regulations and standards, Axema proposes to its members to take part in commissions relating to their business, and to take part in drawing up and monitoring French, European and international standards. Axema contributes to the development and adaptation of regulations.

2.2 Developing economic studies

Axema centralises all of the professional statistical reporting databases and supplies its members with up-to-date, accurate, reliable figures about the sector. Axema is a subscriber to the GTA (Global Trade Atlas) database, and distributes the customs data for the major Agricultural Equipment product families for France and 51 countries throughout the world. Lastly, since 2013, the association has obtained statistical data about registrations through the DIVA ("Données d'Immatriculations des Véhicules Agricoles": agricultural vehicle registration data) portal. In parallel, Axema's economic commission is developing new strategic tools to assist members in analysing and developing their activities.

 2.3 International support

International expansion is one of the strategic areas in which Axema provides support for its members. The International Commission is especially active, and each year it sets its major strategic focusses. It defines the potentials for conquering international markets and organises suitable missions. At the same time, a large number of decision-support tools are developed and updated regularly.

 2.4 Updating training guidelines

Technologies advance, occupations become specialised, and training must adapt to industry's new requirements. Working with schools and businesses, Axema updates the training guidelines. It takes part in managing three CQP ("Certificats de qualification Professionnelle": professional qualification certificates) training courses, and each year trains 40 young people readily employable in the sector. It also supports Agrosup Dijon's ISEAE course.

 2.5 Legal, social and tax watch

Legal, social and tax information is a requirement for every company recognised as a player, with rights and obligations. As this requirement is essential for the life of the company, Axema has developed a monitoring system with FICIME to decipher the changes and the rules that apply to the Agricultural Equipment sector. This support also makes it possible to monitor for changes in collective agreements adapted to the various profiles of its members, to identify them and to anticipate the risks and opportunities of the changes to be carried out.