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Retrouvez les industriels du secteur de l'Agroéquipement et leurs produits.

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le secteur de l'agroequipement


Le secteur regroupe des entreprises qui produisent et commercialisent des équipements et des matériels, fixes et roulants, destinés à divers utilisateurs.

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About Axema

Axema is the trade association of the Agricultural Equipment industry. Its members include both French and foreign manufacturers of agricultural equipment for the various sectors of crop and livestock agricultural production and producers of equipment for the upkeep of green spaces.


1. Comprehensive representation

1.1 90% of the French sector

Axema comprises 240 companies. The association represents 90% of the Agricultural Equipment sector, including both manufacturers (69%) and importers (31%). These companies operate throughout France, with areas of concentration in the major cereal and dairy farming centres.

1.2 A great variety of equipment

Axema includes the many different product families of the sector - tractors, self-propelled or tractor-drawn harvesting equipment; livestock and dairy equipment; forestry, parks and garden equipment; greenhouses; wine-growing and wine-making equipment; transport and handling equipment; sowing and planting equipment, and fertilizer spreaders; watering/sprinkling and crop protection equipment; etc.

1.3 From very small businesses to multinationals

Axema represents a great variety of business profiles. Most of Axema's members are small- and medium-sized businesses with sales of less than €15 million. And there are as many manufacturers as importers amongst the largest businesses (sales > €30 million).

2. A recognised and sought-after player

2.1 A single association

Founded in 2013, Axema is the merger of three manufacturers and importers associations. This merger arose from the desire for businesses in the Agricultural Equipment sector to have a single, united and useful representation in a continually changing economic and political environment.

 2.2 The leader in the agricultural equipment sector

Axema has quickly established itself as the only benchmark in the agricultural equipment industry sector. Its expertise in technical, regulatory and economic areas, as well as international and training matters, has made it a key player regularly approached by professional organisations and various authorities in Europe and worldwide.